Why Avenue ?

Why Avenue ?

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Benefits of Working With Us

Family owned & operated 

Unlike other office space providers that lease space and then sub-lease it to you, Avenue owns its building and does not pass on random rental increases passed over by landlords. This means more savings & predictable costs for YOU.

All Inclusive Amenities

Everything you need without nickel and dime-ing. Coffee, water, broadband, conference room, wi-fi, skype facilities & more – all included in our monthly office service costs. There are no “kitchen charges”, no “24-hour access fees” and no extra conference room charges.

The Latest in technology to help your business grow and save

We have been in business for over 30 years and have successfully helped over 1,000 business scale-up & be successful. With Wi-Fi to wireless video conferencing, SEO, & mobile app development, we have it all under all roof.  Our in house technical and web/mobile app support team means that help is just one office away.  No more paying exorbitant fees for technical support.


Services Traditional Office Big Brand Avenue
Owner on Premises No No Yes
Covered parking included Occasionally No Yes
First floor offices w/windows Occasionally No Yes
In House experienced admin No ? Yes
Kitchen, coffee & water included No Kitchen Charge Yes
Are utilities included No Yes Yes
In house access to web/tech support No No Yes
24/7 access + conference room included Yes No Yes
Total Cost $600 $750 $475