Scottsdale Executive Offices – 5 features to look for when searching for Office Space in Scottsdale

Scottsdale Executive Offices – 5 features to look for when searching for Office Space in Scottsdale

As a business principal or owner you have many decisions to make on a daily basis to begin with. If your business is growing and you find yourself in need to move into larger offices where do you even begin? Here is a helpful guide for your search for Scottsdale Executive Suite or a Scottsdale Office Space.

Location – Location – Location

You have heard that over and over from just about everyone. Is it a prestigious Scottsdale address or is the office on aside street?  After all you and your clients are buying into a Scottsdale business address you are buying? If you find the ‘perfect location’ that has all the shopping nearby, restaurants, financial districts and all the ‘hoopla’, you will normally find the pricing very high as well. Can you find a location on Scottsdale Road without paying a premium?

Terms and Conditions

Once you have found that perfect place, what are the lease terms? If your business hits a slow period, can you break the lease? If not, what are your options? Is it possible for you to downsize in the office spaces? What if the opposite happens and you grow unexpectedly? Can you move into larger Scottsdale Office spaces? Make certain these things are addressed in the initial negotiations with the landlord.

Who own’s the Office Building – Owner on premises or absentee owner?

Is the space you are moving into owned by the Office Space provider or are they leasing and then sub-leasing the space? This is important – in almost all lease cases, rents are staggered to increase every year which means you can expect a steep rental increase after your initial term of the lease. Owner occupied or owner on premises office space providers tend to have lower costs and thus can pass on the savings to you. They are also in a position to address any facility maintenance issues right away.  Having an always present landlord goes a long way in having certainty in your office costs.

What Support Services are available at your Office Space Provider?

The little things that make one executive office space different from the other are amenities and support services available.  Space is a commodity but what makes one space different from another are all the support services & community that can help you build your business.  Can you get web design, marketing or graphic design services?  What about mailing services, admin support, leads groups or networking opportunities? Do you need reception services, parking, wireless internet and computer services and the like? Or do you just need the open office space and you will provide all the other things yourself? If you have the ability to just stop into an adjoining office and get all these support services under one roof, it allows you to focus on what you do best – grow your business.

Telecommute or in Office Employees?

In many executive office situations today employees do not actually need to be in the office on a regular basis. They are called telecommuters in that they can do a lot of their company business from home. If that is so, you may not need as large of an office space as you think. Give this some thought prior to looking for the space you will be leasing. Or look into a virtual business address and use the office/conference room on an on-demand basis.

Use this as a starting point to compare office space providers and you are well on your way to getting a professional Scottsdale Office space for your business.

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