What You Need to Know Before Signing an Executive Office Suite Lease

What You Need to Know Before Signing an Executive Office Suite Lease

Executive Office Leases- What Should I Sign?


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Have you been searching for an executive office suite? Chances are you have found some great options, but which is the best option for your growing business? It’s important to know the leasing options available and their differences. Explore your leasing possibilities for executive office suites in Scottsdale AZ.

What Are Typical Leasing Options?

If you are planning on renting office space from an executive suites provider, such as Avenue Business Center, there are several types of contracts to explore. These types of contracts may include a lease, sub-lease, or service agreement.

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Tenant Lease for Executive Office Suites


A lease is a direct agreement with the owner of the executive office suites property.


A sub-lease involves another party; the tenant, the landlord, and the executive suite renter. The executive office suite company rents the office space from the landlord, making them the sub-lessor and you the sub-lesse. The benefit to a sub-lease is that it is a binding contract to the property, which means you would still retain rights to your office space in the event the executive suites company goes under. Sub-leases are typically month-month or year-year contracts.

Service Agreements

A service agreement is a contractual lease used when renting private office spaces from the office suites owners company. This also includes the offering of services including wi-fi, mail and forwarding services, use of conference room, etc.. Service agreements are typically month-month or year-year contracts.

What Can Avenue Business Center Offer?

Executive Suites in Scottsdale AZ | Avenue Business Center

Executive Suites in Scottsdale AZ | Avenue Business Center

The executive suites in Scottsdale AZ are privately owned by Avenue Business Center. This allows Avenue of offer deeper discounts and flexibility to our renters for office space and services. Our rates include covered parking, coffee and water, 24hour office access, conference room access and janitorial services.   Avenue Business Center’s business hinges on helping clients succeed within their business endeavors. Choose the executive office suite with affordable pricing and a caring landlord. To receive a quote, call (480) 991-1691.

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